What are the best ways to secure my property after damage?

Lock and secure your property when not occupied to prevent looting.  Keep in mind that alarms may malfunction if the electricity or telephone service has been interrupted.

How can I safely inspect my house after water damage?

Dangers are not over when the water goes down.  Do not endanger yourself or your family after a water event. Keep children and pets away.  Try to protect yourself and your family from stress, fatigue and water related health hazards.Follow these basic safety rules:

* Determine Structural Stability
* Shut off power supply
* Turn off water supply
* Turn off gas supply
* Beware of animals
* Use Protective gear

What are the electricity related safety rules after damage?

There are 3 basic safety rules.

1. Turn off the power to your home or business by disabling the main circuit breaker panel.  Even if the neighborhood power grid is down assume all power lines are active and functioning.
2. Do not use regular household vacuums to remove water.
3. Do not use electrical appliances while standing on wet floor.

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